16mm Landmarks Display

16mm Landmarks Display
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This year at the National Garden Railway Show, to mark the 40th anniversary of the Association, we are gathering together a number of locomotives from around the country that in some way, have become a landmark in the rich history that makes up our wonderful hobby. They represent some design, manufacturing and technological firsts and showcase the development in locomotive design and fidelity.

As a major part of this gathering, we are very fortunate to have been allowed to demonstrate the collection belonging to probably the foremost supplier of locomotives to our hobby, Roundhouse. The 23 locomotives which form their collection will be on display to show some of the developments the trade has made over the years stretching back to 1982.

In addition to Roundhouse’s collection, we are grateful to a number of our members who have answered the call to show off their prized machines. We have makes from the likes of Archangel, Merlin and Jack Wheldon, with the earliest locomotive on display being a 1968 Lady Susan built by Archangel.

A few of our members will be bringing their locomotives and actually running them at the show and it is hoped that we can display the approximate times they will be running so that you can go to the layout and see these wonderful creations in steam, doing the job they were intended to do.

If you have a locomotive that in some way, demonstrates a development in the history of locomotive design, quality or appearance, and are willing to bring along your prized possession to the show, then kindly get in contact with me at alan.finch@16mm.org.uk

Thanks very much

Alan Finch.