Forget the attractions of Eastern Main Line through Peterborough station, the really spectacular event to arrive in Peterborough is on Saturday 8th April; the Annual Garden Railway show. This is THE event in the calendar for all Garden Railway enthusiasts of all scales. The Peterborough main Hall covers 4700 sq metres, which in Old Money is a staggering 50,979.62391 square feet.

In order to make this Show a success, we need your help to cover a variety of jobs. Just spending an hour or two makes the world of difference, especially to look after the odd 0.62391 square foot. In return, you will get free entrance (worth a ‘tenner’) and you will get that wonderfully satisfying feeling that you have made a valuable contribution to our hobby.

We have all sorts of jobs available to suit all tastes and abilities.

On Friday from Mid morning onwards, we need help to set up the Show. This is very much a ‘Walking around’ job.

Then on Saturday from about 7.30 onwards we need help with the following mixture of Walking-around, Standing-still and Sitting-down jobs:

  1. General help with vehicle movements both before and after the show.
  2. Selling tickets both for the show and the ‘Driver for a Fiver’ feature.
  3. Issuing & Checking tickets at both entrances.
  4. Floor Patrols being able to help visitors and to look after the general running of the show.
  5. Helpers on the MOTY and Landmarks features.
  6. Shopkeepers for the Association Clothing stand.
  7. Staffing the 2 Information stands.
  8. Bus conducting.

I have already, a number of offers of help but I still need many more. So get your offers of help flooding in to me at Tell me what job takes your fancy and I will do my best to fulfil your wishes (within the realms of 16mm).

Thank you

Paul Kidger, Stewarding co-ordinator