Forum encouraging interest in modelling military NG railways

Stand number: R2


This will be the second time that our group has had a display at the National Garden Railway show. We are a loose organisation who through the medium of Facebook can discuss and showcase models of railway equipment and other matters of interest relating to narrow gauge railways used during conflicts or in support of armed forces. Currently there are 480 members from around the world. As well as our presence on Facebook group members have held running days on their own railways.

We shall be displaying models both from commercial sources as well as those built by members. Many of these will represent equipment used during the 1914-18 war. But we do of course cater for those interested in other conflicts as well as ex-military equipment being reused for peaceful purposes.

There is good support for suitable locomotives and rolling stock both from commercial suppliers as well as the smaller enthusiast suppliers. Many of these will be attending the show.

Group members will be manning the stand and will be happy to answer questions regarding military ng modelling. As well as models we will have photos and other items on display.

We look forward to seeing you at Peterborough or through our Facebook page.