Paper & digital back issues of SMT & binders for SMT

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SMT index:

THE ULTIMATE DIGITAL NARROW GAUGE & GARDEN MODEL RAILWAY COLLECTION now includes SMT issues 1 to 80, 108 and 115; 4 early 16mm Association New Members’ Guides; information on building the Garratt K1 (previously on CD) and a free resource of books, magazines, catalogues and articles from sources other than 16mm Today. Contributors to this resource include Keith Bucklitch, Tom Cooper, Bert Coules, David John, Peter Jones, Ray Tustin, Jack Wheldon and over 50 others. This 4 Gb data disc is now available at the special show price of £25 and this includes free future updates to this expanding collection.

16mm TODAY is a thick, top quality, glossy magazine but is heavy and can be expensive to post. Buy at the show, save all postage costs and take advantage of our very special offers.

BIG SAVINGS FOR 2019: Issues 100 to 125 will again be available at 5 for £10 and issues 126 to 170 at 5 for £14. For a real bargain get 10 unused (surplus) issues for only £5.

The FESTINIOG RAILWAY (1863 to 1898) 16mm MODELLERS’ GUIDE (SMT 153). 84 pages richly illustrated. No adverts. Content covers locos, rolling stock & signals with drawings, photos and scratch modelling/kit building information. Save on postage £10.

The HISTORY OF 16MM & THE 16MM ASSOCIATION by JOHN WENLOCK (SMT 165).  72 pages illustrated, No adverts. The perfect complement to the Ultimate Digital Narrow Gauge and Garden Model Railway Collection (see above). Save on postage £10.

The LEIGHTON BUZZARD MODELLERS’ GUIDE (SMT 144) and the current NEW MEMBERS’ MODELLING GUIDE are available at £4 each.

THE SPECIAL EDITION covering all the constructional articles from the out of print issues 1 to 14 represents remarkable value for money and is still only £2.

Smart red BINDERS which hold 12 of the latest issues of SMT are available for £8.

16mm locomotives don’t have to cost the earth. Try building one using one of our series of LOCO BUILDING articles. £15 for the Bagnall 4-4-0T “Isibutu” (issues 128 to 132), £15 for the Kerr-Stuart Brazil class 0-4-2T (Issues 86 to 92) and £25 for the Bagnall 0-6-0T “Dennis” (issues 95 to 104 and 107 to 109).

PRE-ORDER:  Do you want issues earlier than number 100 (perhaps something you’ve seen in the SMT index) or be certain that we have the issues you require? E-mail me at up to a week before the show and we will reserve them for you. You can collect and pay for them at the show.