Publicity and promotion of the G Scale Society

Stand number: Y16


G Scale is not a single scale; it is a catch-all title for various large scales, all of which run on 45mm gauge track.  Modelled scales can vary from 1:20.5 and 1:32.  It is essentially the modelling of narrow gauge railways on 45mm track, representing, in the scale of 1:22.5, continental metre gauge.  In recent years this has been enhanced by the introduction of 3 foot gauge to the scale 1:20.3.  The scales make little difference as visually, both can be run together.

We also model standard gauge at a scale of 1:29.  That said it is possible to run any scale and prototype albeit gauged to 45mm, including 1:19 and 7/8ths.  At our open days and meets, a selection is likely to be seen, though most members do tend to run a prototypical locomotive and stock.

In addition and increasingly, members are looking to other forms of locomotion other than track power.  Battery and live steam, manual and radio controlled models are appearing with increasing frequency and some manufacturers are supporting this initiative.  We even have members who have experimented with rubber band power!

We have also embraced technology with the use of Digital Control (DCC) and some of our exhibition and garden layouts are now controlled from iPads and Smart Phones.

Many of our members have fully sceniced garden railways, even to the extent of growing miniature plants to enhance the scale in keeping with their railway.

Ours is a very social hobby and this aspect is very important to us.  Access to experience, knowledge and understanding is equally important to the running of our models.