Coalfired kits for RH Lady Anne ,Billy, Katie, Darjeeling-B

Stand number: G26


Coal-firing the easy way with a Riverdale boiler:

  • contains all the water to run 20-25 minutes without attending the fire.
  • damper function allows balanced running over a wide pressure range from 25-58 psi.
  • no axle pump and water tanks necessary, so no worries about them.
  • easy readable water gauge, even from a distance.
  • forgiving large firebox.

Running a Riverdale boiler is very relaxing:

  • build up the fire, fill up water and coal and start running.
  • open and close damper according to pressure on pressure gauge.
  • while under steam re-fill water and coal when water reaches lowest level after 20-25 minutes.

Features and options:

  • a very neat and open cab lay-out.
  • black-white or red-white striped background behind the water gauge.
  • kits are very well engineered and contain all extra parts you need like new laser-cut floor, assembled and already bent pipework and so on. From Roundhouse you only need the RH parts or a RH donor loco.
  • building yourselves is not more difficult than building a RH kit.
  • optional whistle kit.
  • optional R/C kit that allows for R/C operation of regulator, reverser, damper and whistle.
  • optional automatic damper and telemetry feedback on pressure with a R/C telemetry combo.
  • 4 models: Amy, Elke, Irene and Darjeeling ‘B’.

Want to see how easy and relaxing our coal-fired locos run:

  • on this years 16mm AGM show we’ll demonstrate our coal-fired locos at the Tor Halt layout close to our stand. Starting at 12.45 PM and 3.45 PM.

Many kits are built, some of them:

Articles in Garden Rail 211, 212, 241 & 258 and in 16mm Today 150, 166 & 173.


  • RtR from €3690.
  • Kit from €1150. The kit contains all you need except Roundhouse parts (from £743) or a donor locomotive.

A Riverdale boiler makes coal-firing as easy as gas-firing
with the fun of building a real coal fire.

Don’t miss our demonstrations at Tor Halt,
starting at 12.45 PM and 3.45 PM!