Help and advice for modelmakers

Stand number: G3


SteamModelLoco and Modellstock are Yahoo eGroups owned by Bob Young.

SteamModelLoco grew out of a few people building a Brazil by Keith Bucklich and asking each other how they went about making certain parts, and that involved bothering the builder too. As Keith joined the group shortly afterwards things improved vastly.

The scope of modelling widened and it was felt that a separate group for building everything other than live steam locomotives was required, thus Modellstock was born.

The groups are primarily for helping those who want to build their own models by members asking for advice. There is a very wide variety of expertise from all around the world and members have all skills levels from the absolute beginner up to professional. Discussions are kept strictly on topic; there are plenty of other places for general conversation, but don’t let this put you off. Discussions remain technical and informative.

The SteamModelLoco and Modellstock stand at the 2016 show

The groups have a huge archive of plans and information that is available to members.

The stand is a showcase of projects covering both groups and it is presented with a view to encouraging others to have a go at making their own models, from assembling kits to fabricating complete models from scratch.

If you like what you see then join the groups and get all the assistance you may require, or pass on your expertise to those of us not so skilled.

The SteamModelLoco group is found at and is dedicated to the building of steam locomotives.

Modellstock is at and is dedicated to everything else, lineside, rolling stock and electric locomotives whether steam or diesel outline.