Frequently Asked Questions2021-01-05T19:18:44+00:00

This year’s Show will be different because of COVID-19. Here we answer some of the most common questions people are asking us.  The situation is changing frequently, so please keep an eye on this page.

Can I get tickets for the Show on the day?2021-01-05T18:19:51+00:00

Tickets must be bought ahead of the Show.  No tickets will be sold on the day. Authority to run the show is on that basis that all tickets are sold in advance and that we capture all Show attendees’ contact details in advance.

Are tickets for the cancelled 2020 Show still valid?2021-01-04T14:30:48+00:00

Anyone who purchased a ticket for the 2020 Show and did not request a refund, will get a replacement 2021 ticket. We will contact you by the end of March 2021 about this.

Please note the Show is now divided into morning and afternoon sessions, and you will need to let us know which session you want to attend before the ticket is reissued. Your new ticket will only be valid for that session.

If you have already had a refund, you will need to buy a new ticket.

If I can’t attend, can I give my ticket to someone else?2021-01-04T19:39:54+00:00

Tickets are not transferable due to the requirements of Test & Trace.

Can I stay the whole day?2021-01-04T17:46:20+00:00

Because of restrictions on numbers, the Show will be divided into two sessions.  You will only be able to attend one of them, and when you buy your ticket you will need to tell us which session you want to attend.

Please note, once you sign up for a session, you risk being unable to attend if you want to change it later on.

It is not possible to change your session on the day of the Show.

What precautions are in place to keep the public safe?2021-06-15T08:32:19+01:00

The events industry is in regular discussion with the government about social distancing and the amount of free space available for every attendee. The Association is following advice from the Arena, local health bodies and government, and believes we can offer a balanced Show with plenty of space for visitors to circulate freely and safely.

We are limiting the number of visitors to 950 people per session (1900 over the whole day), and we will making best practice provision for hygiene, refreshments, sanitation and personal safety.

Will I be able to re-enter if I take my purchases out to my car?2021-01-04T17:47:31+00:00

Visitors who need to leave the building (e.g. to take their purchases to their cars) will be given a single use pass so that they can get back in.

Can I stay all day if the restrictions on numbers change, or less than 950 people come to a session?2021-06-15T08:14:06+01:00

The number of visitors for a session is licensed by the local authority in advance.   We have no ability to monitor, in real time, how many visitors enter a given session.

Therefore the safest way to comply with Test and Trace requirements is to limit the number of visitors for each session by selling tickets up to that limit in advance of the Show.

What that means is that we cannot allow additional visitors into a session without contravening the basis on which the Show has been authorised. The current limit allows us to admit 950 visitors per session and there is no indication that will change.

Can I get in if I forget my ticket?2021-01-04T17:49:11+00:00

Entrance is by ticket only.  If you have bought a ticket but forgotten to bring it, we can verify that you have a ticket for the session in progress provided you have identification.  Stewards at the entrance booths will tell you what to do.

Please note, to comply with Test and Trace requirements, you will not be admitted unless and until we have completed this verification.

Can I get in if I turn up for the wrong session?2021-01-06T13:03:10+00:00

You will only be admitted to the session for which you have bought a ticket.   It is not possible to change from one session to another on the day of the Show.

Will the AGM be held?2021-05-15T11:41:36+01:00

Yes, there will be an AGM but it will be slightly different than in the past.  In particular, please note the following:

  • The AGM will be held in the interval between the morning and afternoon sessions, enabling all to attend. We intend to finish before the start of the afternoon session.
  • The AGM will be held in the Peterborough Suite as usual but under Covid Social Distancing conditions. Seating will be set out for social distancing.
  • The agenda will be limited to the statutory required content of accepting the Annual Report of the Directors including the Accounts, which will cover the last two years, and the election of Directors.  If there is time then questions from the floor will be covered.
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