Scale/gauge: 16mm scale, 32mm gauge
Motive power: Battery

When construction began on Boston Lodge Junction, the aim was to provide a scenic background to photograph a growing collection of 16mm/ft models of Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railway stock. Predictably as the collection grew, so did the layout. While it can still be used as a backdrop for photography, it is now possible to run short trains in a meaningful manner.

The resident stud of 12 radio controlled battery locos usually gets augmented with visiting motive power brought by the operators at exhibitions. Viewers can therefore watch for an appreciable time before the sequence involving over 50 items of rolling stock repeats. The buildings and turntable are based on Ffestiniog prototypes, while the sector plate and junction signal have been introduced to increase operating potential and to support the fictitious back story which justifies intensive working at this well-known location.