(Slate Mill) 16mm scale.
By Tony Hill.

The idea of a small shunting layout was conceived after a short discussion with a fellow 16mm modeller.

To run short trains and move them about in a yard doesn’t seem to be in the mind set of most larger scale modellers, but as I’ve come up through most of the smaller gauges with various exhibition
layouts under my belt the challenge was laid at my feet. Could I produce a small shunting layout in 16mm scale that was both interesting to view as well as enjoyable to operate. What you see here  is my first attempt.

The model is based on a small slate quarry set in North Wales with the slate mill taking in the blocks of freshly quarried rock. Having been turned into roofing slates these are then stacked into wagons and either sent off to be delivered to the customer or stacked in the yard in readiness for an order. This then is the basis on which the model has been built.

Some details about the layout.

There is NO power to the track. Track work is Peco SM32 along with the points, (which are not prototypical) but they are reliable. Point operation is by levers and point rodding.

Locos are all battery powered and controlled using a 2.4GHz small handheld transmitter (Deltang Technologies) with onboard receivers and speed control units. (a very tight squeeze). Wagons are a mix of scratch built and kit built.

The baseboards are made from 75mm thick extruded Polystyrene Insulation Board faced with 2mm plywood these are set on trestles and beams for support.

Buildings are made from 6mm foam board and the whole landscape is crafted in Artex.