16mm scale
Gareth Jones

The Modular Layout ‘Movement’ goes from strength to strength. This is the 6th incarnation at the National Show. The East of Scotland Modular Group have joined us here with 18 modules for the first time today on a layout which comprises continuous running and end to end operation. Our intention is to start the day with a demonstration of Coal Firing by Nigel Town, so look for the fug as you come in through the door. Between 11am and 12 noon, we will repeat the ‘intensive running’ period of last year with 6-7 engines in steam at once. In the afternoon, provisionally 3.30pm, Roundhouse Engineering will display and run their new Ffestiniog Railway Double Fairlie, ‘David Lloyd George’. At close of play, there will be a ‘battery powered hour’ showing that 16mm does not necessarily have to include expensive live steam engines.

Modular member numbers are, at time of writing, up to 172 on the dedicated Facebook Page and around a hundred on the emailing list. I’ve actually lost count of the number of individual modules out there, but estimate it to be around 120. Please look at the Notice Board inside the layout and listen to the tannoy announcements for the confirmed timing of the special displays. If you are interested in joining us, please talk to any of the operating team. Hope you enjoy the layout and the show.