(Yorkshire Area Group & Phil Thompson)

The layout includes an operating drift mine and mine shaft. On the drift mine, an empty skip wagon is lowered down an incline into the mine. A little while later it gets hauled back out, now filled
with the mineral ‘kulort’, which is then tipped into a waiting wagon. Meanwhile, the beam engine operates a rocking shaft to drive the pumps which drain the mine and, every now and then, a cage is lowered down the mine shaft – and later raised to the surface.

For 2019, we hope to complete the rotary unloading facility where the kulort is emptied from a wagon, processed (we’re not quite sure how) and then loaded back into a different railway truck. The prototype for this facility uses a mix of hi-tech (3D printed parts) and lo-tech (knicker elastic). The layout uses some hand-built track and points, including some stub points and a turntable point. This latter provides great flexibility in operation, but has one slight flaw which arose in construction – it can’t be used to turn a locomotive (whoops!).

Junior members and junior visitors to the show can help to operate this layout.