Scale/gauge: 16mm scale, 32mm gauge
Motive power: Battery

James has always enjoyed seeing narrow gauge layouts at the shows he’s attended, so set himself the challenge to make one himself. He had some boards left over from a previous project and decided to try and get a layout onto them.

Their size meant that he needed to get the tightest possible radius track he could find, and came across Loco Remote tiny radius track that he could 3D print himself. He has adopted scenic techniques from his 00-gauge railway to give his model more interest.

The layout has also provided the opportunity to design and 3D print stock suitable for the tight radius curves. The railway does include a straight run for slightly larger locos that would not fit around the curves ,so he’s not completely confined as to what locos and stock can be run.

The model isn’t based on any specific prototype but represents an old narrow-gauge railway in preservation. It’s called “The Slate Line” and is themed on a railway around an old quarry that now has a demonstration tipper wagon train and a passenger line.