Walmer Bridge was my second attempt at 16mm layout building. It came about from a combination of boredom with running small, circular electric layouts that needed little or no intervention,
and a desire to satisfy an exhibition manager’s enthusiasm for live steam at his events. The result was a fairly budget affair, using Peco track on plywood baseboards and mainly scratchbuilt village buildings set amongst basic scenery.

A particular feature, apart from assorted Mamod machinery, is a large ruined abbey, made from Jigstones blocks and rescued from the remains of layout attempt No.1. It dominates one end of the layout and provides a destination for train passengers to visit. In recent years this feature has been developed, which along with improved scenic decoration hopefully makes the layout interesting to look at.

The layout does not represent any particular period, location or style, but does show what can be achieved in a fairly small space. Motive power is mainly 0-4-0 steam and diesel locos, with  fourwheeled coaches and wagons to suit the tight curves.

Derek Pratt