Our primary concern is your wellbeing during the show

  • We want to avoid densely packed queuing in the Atrium prior to access to the Main Hall
  • Provide you with access to indoor catering in the Peterborough Suite from 09:00 and to M2M and MOTY to check items in

All ticket booths will open from 09:00

  • You may enter Peterborough Suite for catering via the quadruple doors at south end of Foyer (blue arrow in plan to the right)
  • Disabled, trader and layout operator access will be available from same time via the double doors at northern end of Foyer (orange arrow to the right)
  • You may equally use the catering unit outside in the yard between the ticket booths and the Arena (green arrow to the right)
  • The righthand ticket booth will sell on-the-day tickets
  • Both lefthand ticket booths will validate tickets sold in advance and issue wristbands until 10:00

From 09:00 to 09:30:

  • There will be no entry to the Atrium until 09:30 except for MOTY entrants, who will be stewarded in and out to check-in their models
  • This will be via the northern doors between the Foyer and the Atrium as indicated in the plan to the right
  • Other doors from the Foyer to the Atrium will be closed until 09:30

From 09:30, visitors with wristbands may enter the Atrium and go on into the Main Hall via any of the three red circled entrance points

  • All doors will be stewarded and you’ll need to show your wristband
  • This will significantly reduce the risk of dense queueing in the Atrium

The wristband check will cease at 10:00, allowing anyone to access the Atrium and Main Hall

  • This will allow free movement throughout the site from 10:00

You’ll use you wrist band or paper ticket to re-enter the site