Welcome to the 2024 National Garden Railway Show. We return for the first time in over a decade to the National Agricultural Exhibition Centre at Stoneleigh Park, where we last exhibited in 2011.

The NAEC remains one of the UK’s premier indoor exhibition spaces with abundant free parking and good accessibility from major road and rail infrastructure. Almost all major attractions are in one space and the venue benefits from a large, airy and inviting attached restaurant. Hopefully you’ll find all you need for an enjoyable visit.

Organised and conceived by the Association of 16mm Narrow Gauge Modellers, the show offers you the best of what’s available in the garden railway hobby. We’ve not limited the exhibits to 16mm narrow gauge. The other major garden railway scales are present so that you can experience the breadth and fascination of this unique railway modelling hobby.

Almost all the major suppliers to the hobby are also represented, so if you’ve come with a shopping list to start or continue your garden railway adventure, you may leave with a lighter wallet. Some manufacturers will be showcasing new models, possibly your first opportunity to see them in the flesh.

The show opens at 09:30 this year and entry will be strictly by wristband only. You’ll be issued with your wristbands as you enter the Foyer and we ask you to wear it for the duration of your stay. Wristbands will also be worn by all exhibitors, stewards and organisers. This will give you confidence that everyone in the show is entitled to be there and help to keep everyone safe.

All the established attractions of the show are present. The show plan will help you to navigate the show and lists of exhibitors and layouts are also available on this web site.

All that remains is for me to wish you a relaxing, stimulating and enjoyable day with us on Saturday 27th April.

Alan Regan, Show Director