Well it is that time of the year again when the turkey is just about finished and our other halves have taken inappropriate Christmas presents back to Marks. (Did you keep the receipt?)

It is also time when I start my trawl of the membership to find volunteers for Stewarding at the Annual Show. So don’t delay any longer. It is only 14 weeks away. Just contact me by email (address below) and I will send you details of the exciting jobs available in 2020.

As previously, we have a whole selection of sitting-down, walking-round or standing-up jobs to suit all tastes and abilities. In return you get free admission, a tea/coffee voucher (more if you cover more than 1 shift) but more than that. You will walk away with that wonderfully satisfied feeling that you have helped contribute to what is simply THE best garden railway show in the world. Thank you.

Contact me at Stewarding@16mm.org/uk or paulkidger@aol.com

Paul Kidger, Chief Steward