Terms and Conditions for Entry to the National Garden Railway Show

Admission to the Show

Adults (over 18) (whether members of the Association or not) pay for admittance unless they fit into one of the categories listed below;

  • Accompanied U18 (members or not) enter the show free.
  • An adult carer assisting a disabled visitor to the show is admitted free.
  • Journalists showing a valid NUJ card will be admitted to the show free for the purposes of reviewing / reporting the show

Unaccompanied U18 are not admitted to the show.

No dogs (other than assistance dogs) are admitted to the show.

  • Dogs may be left in vehicles parked on the show ground at the sole responsibility of their owner.


Attendees will be readmitted to the show on production of proof of payment (ticket or hand stamp etc).

Preshow Setting Up and Breaking Down After the Show Closes

By law Under 16’s are not permitted to be in any areas of the venue when “construction work” is taking place, therefore U16 may not be in the main hall, and other than being inside a vehicle, may not be in the vehicle movement and parking areas immediately surrounding the trade entrances to the venue on;

  • Friday at all times
  • Saturday between 06:00 and 10:00 and 17:00 and 22:00.

All traders / Exhibitors / Layout assistants / Stewards must at all times during set up / show hours / break down wear / display the passes issued to them in advance or they will be refused admission / expected to pay the full adult admittance.


Vehicle parking on the designated spaces at the show ground is free during show hours.

Vehicles not parked in a designated space or parked blocking access may be removed without warning, the full cost of removal, impounding and administration being charged to and recovered from the owner / driver.

Bus Service

Where a special Bus service is provided;

  • Accompanied U18 (members or not) may travel on the bus free.
  • Unaccompanied U18 are not allowed on the bus.


Unattended luggage / bags / packages may be removed / destroyed without warning by show / venue / security personnel.

Violent / aggressive / unruly behaviour or speech will not be tolerated and any person behaving in such manner will be removed from the site and may be subject to prosecution.

No alcohol is to be consumed on site other than in the designated refreshment areas.


Mike Riley – Company Secretary
Prepared 11 Feb 2016