After discussion with the Peterborough Arena, we have agreed Saturday 14th November as the day of the Show and Friday 13th November to set-up.  We are announcing this date as soon as possible because there has been speculation about the Show taking place earlier in the year.  The timetable for both days is unchanged over that planned for 3rd and 4th April.  Advance entry tickets bought for the 4th April show will be valid for the 14th November show and Traders who have paid for a stand at the 4th April show will be offered the same stand at the 14th November show.  We hope this announcement reassures Members, Traders and Layout Operators and enables them to plan ahead.

There is no earlier date available when all three event spaces which we need at the Arena are available.  The date doesn’t conflict with any other garden or general railway show which has been announced or rescheduled at the time of writing.  We will be able to run the Grand Draw and the Annual General Meeting at the rescheduled show and we’ve confirmed that it is permissible to do so later than originally advertised or announced.  We will then be able to submit our Annual Accounts to Companies house before the deadline of the end of the year.

The Board will still meet tomorrow evening as planned.  Arrangements for those who have bought tickets for the 4th April Show and will be unable to attend the 14th November show will be announced later in the week.

Alan Regan, Chairman and Membership Secretary