I’m very sorry to advise that we have cancelled the Shuttle Bus Service on Saturday 25th June between Peterborough Railway Station and the Arena.  This decision was taken earlier today in consultation with the company offering the service and after discussion by the Board of the Association.  The Train Operating Companies released their emergency timetables at the weekend and it is now clear that very few rail services will stop at Peterborough during the rail dispute, the third day of which is planned for Saturday 25th June.  Review of the majority of the tickets sold at the time of cancelling the service showed that their holders are highly unlikely to be able conveniently to use rail as their basis of travel to the show and indeed some have already requested refunds.

All affected ticket holders have been contacted and refunds are in process.  Entry Tickets to the show itself remain valid and the show goes ahead as planned.  We very much regret having to take this action and we hope that it does not prevent people from attending the show.

Alan Regan, Chairman and Show Director