A great way to raise some spending money for the show!

For buyers

  1. Sales will begin at 1030 or when Booking-in is complete and will close at 1400. Sales are on a first come, first serve basis. We are unable to hold items for sale.
  2. Prices listed are final, and we are not authorised to negotiate.
  3. Most purchases will require cash. If a member is willing to accept a cheque, members must produce a valid membership card and a secondary form of ID. Non-members must produce a form of ID that shows their current address and a secondary form of ID. Card payments are acceptable if a single item is over £75 or the combined total to a single seller is over £75.
  4. Abuse of the M2M volunteers will not be tolerated.

Please note that there is no cash point available.

For sellers

The Member to Member (M2M) sale will take place on 27th April 2024 during the National Garden Railway Show. Please read the following guidelines and rules before submitting your items for sale. If you have any additional questions, please contact Rebecca Lockley at member-member.sales@16mm.org.uk.

  1. Only current members are permitted to sell items at the M2M stand. You may sell up to 10 items or sets. Books, videos, & DVDs of narrow gauge interest may be sold, but magazines & periodicals will not be accepted for sale.
  2. All items must be PRE BOOKED either online (preferred) at www.16mm.org.uk/enter-m2m or using the downloadable form below. We will be unable to take additional items for sale on the day. Forms must be received no later than 22nd April, either by post or e-mail. Please send your completed forms to the address on the form or via email to: member-member.sales@16mm.org.uk
  3. Please list each item separately on the form (unless you are selling as a set) and label each item using a tie-on label with your membership number followed by its number and the price. Example, if you are member 1234, you would label your items 1234-1, 1234-2, etc. If you are selling a set or your lot has multiple items (ex: loco plus controller), please ensure each item is labelled as 1234-1 (1 of x), 1234-1 (2 of x), etc. Please ensure you arrive with labels already attached to ensure a smooth booking-in process.
  4. There will be a minimum price of £5. Please keep your pricing to whole pounds (i.e. £5, £20, £400, etc.). We cannot pay out a fraction of a pence.
  5. Please ensure all item prices are listed correctly and the price on the tag matches the price on the form. If there is a price discrepancy, the price listed on your form will be used. We are unable to change prices on the day.
  6. The Association will keep 10% of the item’s sold price, not to exceed £100 per item or set. If you are willing to accept cheques, you will need to pay the 10% to the Association at the time of pay out. If an item is bought via credit card, the Association will issue payment via bank transfer or cheque.
  7. Sale proceeds can be collected between 1500 and 1600, along with any unsold items. Uncollected items become the property of the Association. You must return your receipt to the booking-in clerk if you wish to collect any unsold items from the sales stand.
  8. Every effort will be taken to safeguard your property whilst it is on display, however items are left at your own risk.
  9. The booking-in clerks and/or the M2M coordinator have the right to refuse items for sale.
  10. Abuse of the M2M volunteers will not be tolerated.
  11. Completion of the attached form and offering goods for sale are taken as acceptance of the above conditions.
  12. The M2M organiser’s and volunteer’s decisions are final.

2024 Member to Member Sales form (PDF) to complete and return

Or use the form printed in 16mm Bulletin.