Scale/gauge: Gauge 3
Motive power: Battery

Chalfont represents a small GWR terminus station and goods yard on a lightly used branch line. The passenger service is supported by the regular freight workings shunting the yard. Goods traffic comprises coal and general merchandise supplies for the surrounding farming community and dairy. Generally the line is operated on the ‘one engine in steam’ principle, however at peak times the steam service is supplemented with a diesel railcar.

All locos on the layout are battery radio controlled and sound fitted, no mains power being required. The Locomotives are built from kits, as is much of the rolling stock while the scenery and buildings are mostly scratch built.

Gauge 3 at 13.5mm/foot is impressive and this layout, measuring just 25’ by 3’0” represents a micro layout for this large gauge. The models are to the scale of 1:22.5 which is G scale on standard gauge (2½”) track.

Chalfont has been built to show that a gauge 3 layout can be constructed in a reasonable space and, by using scrap timber, hand-built track and a great deal of scratch built scenics, an interesting model can be created at a very modest cost – I hope that you enjoy it.