Scale/gauge: 16mm/32mm
Motive power: Live Steam

(Yorkshire Area Group & Phil Thompson)

We invite junior visitors to the show to “have a go” at operating the layout, either borrowing one of our battery-operated locos or (if they or a parent is an Association member) bringing their own loco to run.

For some time now, we have been perfecting the operation of the working drift mine and mine shaft which is a feature of the layout. After some puzzling hiccups, we eventually realised the electronics were overheating when run for a full-day show – and that the string was getting tangled (we use a mix of technologies)!

We think both the electronics and the string are now sorted, so watch as an empty skip wagon is lowered down an incline into the drift mine. A little while later it’s hauled back out, now filled with the mineral ‘kulort’, which is then tipped into a waiting wagon. Listen carefully and you might hear the miners at work, including the occasional explosion (planned and controlled, we hope). Meanwhile, the beam engine operates the pump rocking shaft to drain the mine and, every now and then, a cage is lowered down a nearby mine shaft – and later raised to the surface.