Scale/gauge: Mixed/32mm
Motive power: Live Steam

So what does the 16mm garden railway enthusiast do if their garden is too small, the weather too wet, and they don’t have permission to turn the lounge into a layout room? Well perhaps they look around at ideas that have been pioneered in some of the smaller scales. Gareth Jones, one of our members, led an initiative to develop a standard for the building of ‘modules’ that can be brought together to form layouts either by an individual or by groups of people wanting to create something different every time they meet at an exhibition or event.

The agreed standards include a set height of 950mm to baseboard level, 960 to Track top, standard board widths in multiples of 150mm from 450mm upwards, in other words 450, 600, 750, etc. and a standard Baseboard Length of 1200mm, with double or half lengths being useful too. An assessment was made of the clearances that would be required to allow the largest models to operate across modules both in terms of width and height, and it was decided to standardise on Peco SM32 track representing scale “two foot” gauge, with set positions for the track to be located at the end of boards so as to join up with other people’s modules. Other than that, it was up to the individual builder as to what their module(s) look like, and what features they include.

The first time anyone saw the modular layout was at the 2014 show, Gareth and team have kept us entertained every year since, using the modules members have built, to create a new layout every time!