Ridgmont is owned and operated by the “Bedfordshire Area Group” of the Association of 16mm Narrow Gauge Modellers. The railway takes its name from the Bedfordshire village of Ridgmont where the club was formed over 30 years ago.

Ridgmont has been built to the scale of 16mm to the foot, running on 32mm gauge track. This represents 2 foot narrow gauge as you will find on many of the preserved railways in Wales and many other parts of the UK. The layout has two running tracks with storage sidings and passing loops giving ample space for ‘Steaming Up’ and storage. Ridgmont is over 11 metres long and 4.5 metres deep and in Exhibition mode it has the full scenic treatment which is to a very high standard which needs to be seen. Check out the details in the station buffet, it will make you feel hungry! We expect to be running a full roster of Live Steam Locos which in most cases are gas fired, environment permitting we may include at least one coal fired Loco, at quiet times you will see a number of battery locos making their leisurely way around the layout.

We hope you enjoy watching Ridgmont as much as we like to operate it. If you would like further details about the layout or are interested in Ridgmont attending your own exhibition please speak to one of the operators or contact our Club Secretary.

Contact: Chris Pretty, phone: 01442 244345.
Email: c.pretty0301@btinternet.com
Club Web Site www.bag16mm.org.uk

Ridgmont picture credits – Ted Robinson.