Online ticket sales open!

Online sale of tickets for the National Garden Railway Show 2021 have opened.  120 tickets have been sold in a little over an hour - we normally see this level of activity on the last day of sales, not the first day we open!  Add to this the 150 tickets provided to those who had [...]

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2021 National Show entry tickets

The Board met yesterday and preparation for the National Show on Saturday 26th June was of course a topic for discussion.  We’d like to make members aware of the following: Starting Monday 1st March, we will be contacting all who hold a paper ticket for the 2020 show, to ascertain which of the two sessions [...]

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National Garden Railway Show 26th June 2021

Further to the UK government’s announcement yesterday and the publication of its COVID-19 RESPONSE− SPRING 2021 plan, the Board would like to confirm that our 26th June National Show is permitted under Step 3 of the plan.  This has been confirmed with the Arena, who are in discussion with Public Health England, who will still [...]

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National Garden Railway Show 2021

Firstly, to repeat what was announced on our web sites and in social media on 15th August: The show planned for Saturday 14th November 2020 will not go ahead The next National Garden Railway show will take place on Saturday 26th June 2021

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Show rescheduled to June 2021

Members who have read the Chairman’s Column in August SMT will know that when I wrote the column, on Sunday 2nd August, the Association was in discussion with the Arena regarding rescheduling the 2020 National Garden Railway Show, which at that time was planned for Saturday 14th November 2020. Discussions are now complete, and the [...]

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Show rescheduled to Saturday 14th November 2020

After discussion with the Peterborough Arena, we have agreed Saturday 14th November as the day of the Show and Friday 13th November to set-up.  We are announcing this date as soon as possible because there has been speculation about the Show taking place earlier in the year.  The timetable for both days is unchanged over that planned for 3rd [...]

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National Garden Railway Show 4th April 2020 postponed due to Covid-19

After discussion with our account manager at the Arena this morning, we have jointly agreed to postpone our show until late this year.  Potential dates are still being discussed, so we cannot announce a rescheduled date until later this week.  We can however confirm that the National Garden Railway Show, originally scheduled for 4th April 2020, will not take place on [...]

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National Garden Railway Show and Covid 19

The Board of the Association had a meeting this evening, the primary purpose of which was a final readiness review before the Show in just over 3 weeks’ time.  We also discussed the small number of enquiries from members and traders as to whether the Show would still take place in the light of the [...]

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News from traders

Over 90 traders and railway associations will be coming to the Show.  Take a look at the following pages to get the latest news about what will be on show … Bowaters Models and Narrow Planet Michael Foster Endon Valley Custom Decals Coach & Wagon Works Riverdale Locomotives Garden Railway Specialists Limited The Train Department [...]

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