Return to Model of the Year (MOTY)

Please check the summary of the MOTY classes below and decide in which class to enter your model; carefully noting the conditions for each class; it would be disappointing to have your model rejected for entry because of failure to adhere to the rules, which are there to ensure a level playing field for ALL ! Also, please note that the competition is for people who are members in their own right, or have a family membership, NOT relations of people who are individual members.

We would urge all entrants to register on line using this hyperlink: – although we do recognize that some are not as tech savvy as others, so if you really are struggling with the on-line entry forms, paper ones are available to download.

Please complete an A5 sized information card, preferably printed in easily readable text on good quality white card or strong paper. This is to place in front of the model on display, explaining to the visitors what it is, and giving the judges some more information. This too must not have any information which would identify you; any cards which do will be removed. If you do not have access to a computer, then a clearly written card (blocks preferably) will be fine, but people do need to be able to read it.

Arrive at the show in plenty of time to book in your model; booking-in starts at 09:30, with a closing time of 11:00. If you are a steward, you can book your model in from about 08:00. You may leave your model box under the display tables, at your own risk. You will be given a numbered tie-on tag to attach to your model, which will identify it to the judges, and a receipt which you need to bring with you to collect your model at the end of the show.

Winners’ notices will be placed by the models soon after the results are collated, before the prize giving. If you cannot be at the MOTY area to be presented with your trophy or certificate when the results are announced at 15:30, please collect it, with your model, from 16:30 onwards. If you really do need to leave the show before 16:30, just ask.