For many of you, one of the highlights of the show is the Model of the Year (MOTY) competition, which is located in the Atrium. The aim of MOTY is to encourage members to develop and improve their modelling skills, by competing against their peers and displaying their work.

The models on display are inspiring and a must for you to see, whether it’s demonstrating new and innovative techniques, or a prototype rarely modelled before, or to just witness a project that has come together after a lot of hard work.

This year there are several exciting innovations –

Firstly, for the Junior Section, we have attracted sponsorship, which will take the form of a £250 voucher to the winner, kindly donated by Resurgam Rolling Stock.

Secondly, there is a new category for Newcomers – those who have never entered MOTY before – to encourage those who have maybe felt that their models  might not stand comparison with those entered in the established categories.

Thirdly, we have a new award, the Geoff Munday Trophy, which will be open to any member who does not paint, line or weather models for remuneration. All types of model are eligible for entry, be they scratch-built, commercial off-the-shelf, rolling stock of lineside infrastructure. Judges will look for exceptional painting, lining or weathering that enhances the model and elevates it above its peers. Members may enter the same model in another class, but the entry in this class will be judged on painting, lining or weathering alone.

Fourthly, in response to public demand, we are introducing a popular vote for MOTY Best in Show – as decided by you the attendees !!!

As well as models entered competitively, there are others in the non-competitive “loans” section as examples of members’ modelling activities that have been going on over the last year.

I’m looking forward to seeing what you bring to enter in MOTY 2022 !

Full details of how to enter, the different classes, what the judges will be looking for, and the entry forms themselves, are in the tabs below.

Rick Turnock – MOTY Organiser

A selection of the 2019 MOTY competition winners.