Where to find traders, layouts and everything else…

You will note the Main Hall diagram is divided into four coloured areas; this has been done to enable you to find traders/exhibitors more easily.

On the list of traders, the trader’s stand number is denoted by a capital letter and then a number i.e. R17 for example.

R = Red, G = Green, Y = Yellow and B = Blue. So any trader with a stand number starting with the letter G, will be in the Green area of the Hall. Those with a letter A in front of the number are located in the Atrium.

Yellow shaded trader stands are designated Market Street.

Click on the floor plan to zoom in.

Association Stands

  • Prize Draw ticket sales: A4
  • Information: Y18
  • 16mm Assocation NGM Merchandise: Y17
  • Landmarks Display in the Atrium: A2
  • Membership Desk: A7
  • Model of the Year: A1

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