The Board of the Association had a meeting this evening, the primary purpose of which was a final readiness review before the Show in just over 3 weeks’ time.  We also discussed the small number of enquiries from members and traders as to whether the Show would still take place in the light of the Covid 19 virus.  I would like to emphasise that unless and until the UK government imposes measures which prevent the running of the show, that it will go ahead as planned.  We have also confirmed this position with the Arena, who have implemented additional cleaning measures in light of the government’s current advice, and that they like us will be governed by whatever further regulations might be put in place.  Neither the Association nor the Arena will pre-empt any further measures which the government may take.

The Board continues to monitor UK government advice.  Its web site is accessible using the link below.  The Board does not have any better information than that available to the rest of the UK public.

The NHS provides advice on how we can protect ourselves.  We ask that those attending the show be familiar with and follow this advice.

If the government implements measures which do affect the running of the Show, we will make a further announcement via Shed Notices.  Right now our focus is delivering a great show which kicks the garden railway season off in our customary manner.

Alan Regan, Chairman and Membership Secretary